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Apr 23, 2014
lador jef Says:
LOOL WTF this song is so... funny
Apr 22, 2014
creeper face Says:
Apr 20, 2014
iFloppzx99 Says:
Suck my mother tucking dick hahaha
Apr 17, 2014
Yourveryowncarrot Says:
This, is the worst video, I have ever seen, in my entire life
Apr 16, 2014
Alex Beaton Says:
F''king brilliant 
Apr 15, 2014
Like if you are under 16 years old :)
Apr 15, 2014
carlos ortes Says:
wow u ruined the 4 year old song xD
Apr 14, 2014
LPS DogGirl Says:
I am 8
Apr 1, 2014
Andria Gabunia Says:
gotta have bombs for me?
Apr 23, 2014
Joey Horvat Says:
Im 11
Apr 22, 2014
Xavier Nicholson Says:
Fuck you 
Apr 22, 2014
Marco De La Hoya Says:
Apr 23, 2014
jamie ribero Says:
funny i like the bit that they say live with my balls and tell me how big there are
Apr 22, 2014
Robert Brindley Says:
No, watch where u walkin nigga lol
Apr 20, 2014
Jaylin Day Says:
Im 8
Apr 20, 2014
Freya Hilton Says:
Apr 22, 2014
AssassinPlaysMinecraft Says:
Apr 20, 2014
Glittery Penguinz Says:
I just can't stop laughing
Apr 21, 2014
Kimberla Stamps Says:
Look at the guys eyes when he shoots the duck
Apr 21, 2014
ZCGamerz Says:
Apr 20, 2014
Sam Davis Says:
I saw this when i was 9 now im 31 and this still makes me laugh
Apr 20, 2014
sie rahman Says:
I am 11 years old 
Apr 18, 2014
FedoraCorrupter Says:
Watch where you walking nigga!
Apr 18, 2014
dylan campos Says:
Lmao he said watch were your walking nigga
Apr 17, 2014
Itai Reubin Says:

Video Details

: : "Play with my balls and tell me how
they are": Adam Sandler- At a Medium
"Watch where you walkin', Nigga":
docks- Nigga Moment "Suck my
erfuckin' Dick": DJ Valentino- Suck my
te More

Added Jun 3, 2011  

Channel Comedy

Duration 2:10   |   views 9111736

Local Comments 0

Youtube Comments 10167




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